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Pressing methods



Plastic pressing

A wide range of products for running and gating systems: pipes, ingates, elbows, T-pieces, L-pieces all in standard sizes but also available to suit clients‘ own requirements.


Dry Pressing

A wide range of products made by dry pressing, shape and grade to suit the application in question.


Isostatic pressing 

The advantages of isostatic pressing (high densitiy, virtually zero grain orientation) are used to good effect in many special applications, in particular the manufacture of large shapes. 

Casting Method



Finished shapes produced by ceramic casting, in cement bonded and cement free materials.

Unformed Products



Our refractories

  • Steel moulding sands,
  • Cover materials,
  • Ramming materials
  • and others products

for delivery in buckets, sacks, big bags or loose.

Firing process



During firing pressed items attain properties which are essential for certain applications.

At the same time we commit ourselves to playing our part in maintaining a clean, healthy environment.